Belle's Christmas Ornament

Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 8

Author:  Belle

Title:  Shiny Glass Christmas Balls

Skill Level:  Beginner

Featured Tools: 

  • Path Drawing Tool
  • Retouch Tools
  • Presets

Extras needed:



Open a new image single color, 350x350

Step 1.  Using the path tool draw a 2D object... Round... 140X140 any color.  Duplicate it.

Step 2.  Go to Easy Palette...Fill Gallery... Gradient..... double click G-20... Right click and "Convert Object Type".... From Text/Path to Image

Step 3.  Using Burn Tool, shape round...  size 50...  level 50...  soft edge 75... make a darker edge around the bottom as shown in the screen shot.

Step 4.  Using the Dodge Tool set shape round... size 20...level 50...soft edge 75...make a small highlighted area as shown in screen shot.
Step 5.  Click the Pick Tool and set the transparency at 30. The transparency could vary depending on the color set it to where you think it looks best.   You can always change it later if need be.
Step 6.  Now left-click the other object and make it active.
Go to the Easy Palette... find where you put CarolOyl's Presets... Click Moyeldmetals... Double-click Sterling flatware.  You may use a preset that came with PI but I like CarolOyl's.  Click Path Tool again and go to the Material Panel set border at 50 and depth at 15.
Step 7.  Use the Pick Tool to center both objects.  Place the colored gradient object  over the silver one.

Step 8.  Open Belle's Glass Preset (you have a choice of two, use one OR the other) and center over the two balls.  Right-click, merge as  single object.
Step 9.  Make a hanger of your choice and merge all as a single object.  Crop canvas size before you file as a UFO for use later.


Follow the tut above to draw a 2d object circle. Choose the ufo image that you want on your ball and merge as a single object.  On this Ball you will have to do some air brushing on it.  Make your airbrush color darker than that of the ball, but from the same color scheme, in this case it was a dark red.  Airbrush the lower edge much like I did here, in place of the burn tool in the tut.  Use white to airbrush the white in the center in place of the Dodge Tool.  After you have it looking like you want it to, put one of the Glass Presets over it and center.  Work with it until you get it like you like it.  You do not use the metal preset on the bottom of this one.

On the ornaments below I had some problems with the backgrounds.  It seems that the Dodge Tool won't work on lighter colors.  So, you just have to try by trial and error to shade them with the airbrush.  I used CarolOyl's metal preset under them.

I saw Christmas balls like these made in PSP and decided to see if I could figure out how to make them in PI.

Tutorial written & copyrighted by Belle, December 2003


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