Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 11

Title:  Save a Transparent GIF File

Skill Level:  Beginner

Please read: Terms of Use

Featured Tools: 

  • Image Optimizer

This tutorial is designed to help you save a Transparent GIF image, with a matte to match the image or page on which it will be placed.

GIF tutorial


Before You Start:

Please use the Advanced Mode.  You can find out which mode you are in by the checkmark next to the current mode in the My Workspace menu.  If you have created a mode based on the Advanced Mode, feel free to use that.

Changing modes in PI 11 does not alter your custom settings, assuming you have saved those into a mode or profile of your own.

Please download this zipped image.  Unzip it and open it in PhotoImpact 11.  Take a look in the Layer Manager and you'll see it has two layers, the Base Image and the flower.  The object of this exercise is to save that flower image independent of the background and in such a way that it will look as though it was created right on its new background.


Make sure the flower object is still selected.  Open the Image Optimizer (by the icon on the Toolbar, or by going to Web > Image Optimizer, or by tapping the F4 key).  This dialog box will pop up:
Image to Optimize

Since you don't need to save the whole image, leave Selected Objects selected.  If you had more than one object in the image, and they were selected, the third option would be available.  Click OK and the Image Optimizer will magically appear.  Click on the Preset that suits the image, in this case GIF Optimized 256.  Now click on the Mask Options tab and you'll see this:
Mask Options

This is perfect as is if your plans for this image include placing it on white.  But what if you'd like to put it on a webpage that is colored, say in #E1BDBD?  That's another matter.  First, you need to either know the hex number of the color, or have a bit of it available to you.  Right-click on the white box to the right of the word Matte.
Mask Options

If you have the color number, choose PhotoImpact Color Picker and enter the number, click OK.  If you need to find the color, choose Color on Screen, click on the color, click OK.  Either way, you now have a color in the box next to Matte.
Mask Options

Make sure the Transparency radio button is still ticked, and click OK.  This is how the samples at the top of the Image Optimizer will look.  The one on the right isn't pretty but just you wait, 'Enry 'Iggins:
Image Optimizer

Here is the flower saved as a Transparent GIF with the default white matte:
White Matte

And here it is saved with the matte the same color as the background of the new image:
Colored Matte

That's all!

I hope you've found this tutorial helpful and informative!
Any questions or comments, please drop me a mail :)


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